My City My Home – Global Dance Film

We’re thrilled to announce the My City, My Home project, an initiative led by Dancin’ Oxford and incorporating contributions from each of Oxford’s twinned cities: Leiden in The Netherlands, Bonn in Germany, Grenoble in France, León in Nicaragua, Wrocław in Poland, Ramallah in Palestine, and Padua in Italy.

The My City, My Home project aims to highlight the essence of community and urban life across each of our twinned cities, through music, dance and urban sports.  Movement artists from each of city have been invited to create and film choreography that showcases their connection to their cities. Artists have been invited to highlight outdoor locations that hold personal significance to them. Whether it’s a historic landmark, a tranquil park, or a bustling street corner, each chosen spot contributes to the rich tapestry of stories that define their urban landscapes.

A fundamental aspect of the project is the original soundtrack commissioned by Dancin’ Oxford and created by composer/producer – young artist, Charlotte Trichard.  The soundscape acts as the unifying element, weaving together the global submissions into a cohesive visual narrative that celebrates the vibrancy and uniqueness of each participating city.

Each city will send their creations to Oxford – and Oxford based film maker Rauni Barros Da Silva will edit them together to create the final film – offering viewers a captivating glimpse into the cultural tapestry of our twinned cities.

This final product will be showcased across our twinned cities at various cultural events and festival – in Oxford the IF: Science and Ideas Festival’ and Dancin’ Oxford’s Family Dance Festival in October 2024.

While participation in this project is by invitation, we extend our appreciation to all those who are joining us on this journey.  Your support and enthusiasm are invaluable as we celebrate the places we call home.

For further inquiries or to learn more about the My City, My Home project, please contact Dancin’ Oxford’s director Claire Thompson at

June 4, 2024