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FAMILY DANCE FESTIVAL 2023 - Dancin' Oxford


Dancin’ Oxford’s Family Dance Festival returns this year with an exciting line-up of captivating dance events that are sure to delight audiences of all ages. The Family Dance Festival runs from 29 September through to 2 November.

This year’s festival features a rich and diverse range of physical theatre and dance, including everything from immersive and interactive experiences, breakdance, contemporary dance, acrobatics, classical Indian dance, physical comedy, documentary theatre, a family disco, and much, much more.

Claire Thompson, Arts Development Officer for Oxford City Council and the programmer for the Family Dance Festival said,

“This year’s Family Dance Festival is filled with joyful and thought provoking events crafted to stimulate creativity and encourage connection.  Whether you want to get involved, or you’re happier just watching – there’s something for all ages. There is so much to see and do, with many events free.  Come along, have fun and make new friends!”

This year’s festival includes the following events:

  • Kindred, by dance company Luminelle – an immersive dance experience for 0-5 year olds and their grown-ups, to be held in partnership with the Tiny Ideas Festival.
  • Dancin’ Oxford’s Family Dance Party is a dance party for young children and their grown-ups – with a live DJ, fabulous disco lights and bubbles. Have fun, express yourself, and make new friends!
  • Breakdance: Introducing the Solar System – created by break dancer and space scientist Mona Elghzal – is a breakdancing workshop that encourages children aged 7-12 to explore the universe by investigating space, matter, energy and time through breakdance. This event is held in partnership with IF Oxford’s Science and Ideas Festival.
  • Tin Man by Joss Arnott Dance is an original retelling of the story of tin man. Tin Man goes on an adventure to find their heart and happiness. This richly imagined production features original music created by award-winning composer Anna Appleby.  This production is for children aged 7+.
  • Plastic Drastic Fantastic by Akademi is a contemporary dance theatre work, drawing on the Indian classical dance form Bharatanatyam and South Asian Dance techniques. The show explores our complex relationship with plastic – how fantastic it is, and the drastic consequences it has for our environment. The show is for children and their grown-ups.
  • Super Hot Hot Dog by Corali is a bright and fun interactive family show set in a fun fair. Come to the fun fair and meet a jolly ice cream seller who dances his favourite flavours, a wise but tangled octopus.  Enjoy exploring all the fun fair attractions!
  • The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much by the Voloz Collective is a face-paced whodunnit, featuring live music and acrobatics. The show follows the story of Roger, a Frenchman in 1960’s New York, who narrowly avoids being blow up.  Follow Roger’s hilarious adventure as he chases his would-be assassins around the globe.

More About the Dance Companies/Artists

  • Luminelle is a dance company that creates meaningful and high quality artistic work and experiences through a responsive process based on individuals’ experiences – regardless of background, experience, age or ability. Luminelle creates open and supportive spaces that invite participants to find their creativity.
  • Dancin’ Oxford is Oxford City Council’s arts organisation that runs the Spring, Summer and Family Dance Festivals every year, as well as running a programme of participatory events throughout the year for all ages. Dancin’ Oxford believes that dance helps create happy, healthy people and communities.
  • Joss Arnott Dance creates athletic and technically vibrant work, placing emphasis on collaboration, producing works with both classical and contemporary influences and inspired by music.
  • Akademi is a dynamic dance company with a mission to ensure that South Asian dance thrives as part of British culture. Akademi creates outstanding artistic experiences drawing for its inspiration on contemporary societal and scientific issues.
  • Corali is a dance company that features shows created by artists with learning disabilities. Corali’s work explores the relationship between performers with and without learning disabilities.
  • Voloz Collective is a multi award-winning physical theatre company that focuses on physical comedy, exploring what the human body can do. The Voloz Collective’s shows blur the lines between theatre and cinema.

Family Dance Festival Time Table

Booking links and details about individual events can be found here:

Event Date Time Age Range Venue
Kindred by Luminelle 29/9/23 10.30am & 1.30pm 0-5yrs The North Wall Arts Centre
Fam Jam by Dancin’ Oxford 1/10/23 10.30am & 1.30pm 2-5yrs The North Wall Arts Centre
Breakdance: Introducing the Solar System by Mona Elghzal 27/10/23 4.00pm 7-11yrs Museum of Oxford
7/10/23 4.00pm 7-12yrs Wesley Memorial Hall
Tin Man by Joss Arnott Dance 7/10/23 11.00am & 2.00pm 7yrs+ Pegasus
Woodhill by LUNG 19/10/23 8.00pm 16yrs+ The North Wall Arts Centre
20/10/23 8.00pm 16yrs+ The North Wall Arts Centre
Plastic Drastic Fantastic by Akademi 21/10/23 11.00am & 2.00pm 7yrs+ Pegasus
24/10/23 11.00am & 1.00pm 7-12 yrs Museum of Oxford
Super Hot Hot Dog by Corali 27/10/23 11.00am & 2.00pm 5yrs+ Pegasus
The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much by Voloz Collective 2/11/23 8.00pm 12yrs+ The North Wall Arts Centre

August 21, 2023