Lay Down Your Burdens – Workshops

April 4, 2023 to April 13, 2023
12 noon - 3pm



Join award-winning choreographer Rhiannon Faith for a series of 6 creative workshops exploring the burdens we carry in our lives.

Rhiannon will take participants on a creative journey, using dance, music and creative writing to explore personal experiences of loneliness, the things that are hard to carry, and how we care for one another. The aim of the workshops is to lighten the load by carrying it collectively.

These workshops are part of the Lay Down Your Burdens project by Rhiannon Faith Company. Lay Down Your Burdens, inspired by Bob Dylan’s Lay Down Your Weary Tune is a dance theatre performance and project inspired by conversations with communities. Lay Down Your Burdens offers participants and audiences an opportunity to take the sorrows and troubles they carry and to lift them off their shoulders.

The workshops will be run by Artistic Director Rhiannon Faith, alongside musicians and dancers from Lay Down Your Burdens, and the company counsellor.

The workshops are for all adults. Participants will be supported by an experienced and caring team, and no prior experience of dance or creative writing is required. There is a maximum of 20 places for the workshops. Please note any access requirements at time of booking, so we can support you in the best possible way.

Workshop dates: Tue 4 April, Wed 5 April, Thu 6 April, Tue 11 April, Wed 12 April, Thu 13 April

We ask that participants attend all workshops, but please provide details of any known absences or conflicts of commitment on your Participation form, emailed to you after booking.

Oxford Playhouse