Dancin’ Oxford is delighted to announce the line-up for its Summer Dance Festival 2024, during July 2024.  The Summer Dance Festival is made up of the following events:

Date Event Description Time Venue
Sat 6 July Summer Dance Festival Extravaganza A 5 hour dance extravaganza on our big stage, featuring 10 different dance artists/companies including some of the UK’s premiere dance artists – there’s something for everyone. 11.55 – 5.15pm. Leiden Square, Westgate Oxford
Sunday 7 July Global Dance Stage A 5 hour celebration of our vibrant community and youth dancers. Our big stage will be alive with the colourful tapestry of dance styles from across the globe. Our Global Dance Stage showcases the talent, passion, and creativity of our local community. 12pm – 5pm Leiden Square, Westgate Oxford
Friday 19 July Capability Circus Mirrors 5pm Leiden Square, Westgate Oxford
Saturday 20 July Capability Circus My Ukrainian Heart @ 1pm

Mirrors @ 5pm

1pm, 5pm Leiden Square, Westgate Oxford
Sunday 21 July Capability Circus My Ukrainian Heart 1pm Leiden Square, Westgate Oxford

Claire Thompson, Director of Dancin’ Oxford said,

“This summer, we’re thrilled to have curated an electrifying showcase of dance excellence, combining wonderful community and youth dance groups with some of the UK’s premier dance companies. There really is something for everyone – so join us this summer to celebrate our incredibly community.”

Details about all the shows and events that make up our Summer Dance Festival are listed below and on our website www.dancinoxford.co.uk/whats-on/

TIMETABLE for the Spring Dance Festival Event on Saturday 6 July 2024 at Leiden Square, Westgate Oxford.

Master of Ceremonies 12.05-12.10pm
MCDC company 12.11-12.36pm
TPD Young Artists 12.37-12.44pm
Linden Dance 12.45-1.10pm
Zumba Fiesta 1.10-1.55pm
Nomad Crew 1.55-2.05pm
Vanhulle Dance Theatre 2.06-2.36pm
Ariel Dempsey 2.37-2.42pm
Messy Jam 2.43-2.50pm
Afrofusion 2.50-3.10pm
TPD Young Artists 3.11-3.15pm
MCDC company 3.16-3.41pm
Step 2 Dance 3.42-3.52pm
Linden Dance 3.53-4.18pm
Nomad Crew 4.19-4.29pm
Vanhulle Dance Theatre 4.30-5.00pm
Ariel Dempsey 5.01-5.06pm
Messy Jam 5.07-5.14pm
Master of Ceremonies Closes the Event 5.14-5.15pm


TIMETABLE for the Global Dance Stage on Sunday 7 July 2024 at Leiden Square, Westgate Oxford.

MC Intro 12.10-12.15pm
Strawberry Fayre Majorettes. 12.15-12.25pm
Attitude Dance School – Contemporary Class 12.26-12.30pm
Mini Professionals Dance Academy 12.31-12.41pm
Attitude Dance School – Burlesque classes ‘The Scrumpets’ 12.42-12.50pm
The Remarkable Dance Company 12.51-12.58pm
McGahan Lees Irish Dance Academy 12.59-1.03pm
Sanggar Santo Antonio Dili 1.04-1.09pm
Betty Bloom Dance Tiger Lilies 1.10-1.25pm
Messy Jam Dance School 1.26-1.33pm
TPD Young Artists 1.34-1.41pm
Body Politic 1.42-1.46pm
Sanggar Santo Antonio Dili, Timor Leste 1.47-1.52pm
Junior Contemporary – South Oxford Dance Academy 1.53-1.56pm
TPD Young Artists 1.57-2.01pm
cyr wheel 2.02-2.07pm
South Oxford Dance Academy 2.08-2.12pm
Betty Bloom Dance Junior Performance Team 2.13-2.28pm
Nomad Crew/ Oxford Breakers 2.29-2.39pm
Lunas Dance (Primary school children) 2.40-2.45pm
MacIntyre Dancers 2.46-2.50pm
Lunas Dance Project (adult group) 2.51-2.55pm
Chloe Kitching 2.56-3.01pm
Two Rivers Bellydance 3.02-3.07pm
Flight Club 3.08-3.15pm
Yuliana Titasari 3.22-3.28pm
Cherie Bellydancer 3.29-3.34pm
Sanggar Santo Antonio Dili 3.35-3.40pm
Roisin – representing the MacIntyre Dancers 3.41-3.46pm
American Dance School 3.47-3.57pm
Two Rivers Bellydance 3.58-4.02pm
LJG dance company 4.03-4.11pm
OXOPS 4.12-4.22pm
Oxfordski Horotroptsi 4.23-4.33pm
Smidgen Dance Company 4.34-4.39pm
Afrofusion 4.40-4.55pm
MC Close 4.55-5.00pm

More About some of the Artists/Companies Performing at our Summer Dance Festival 2024.

  • Ariel Dempsey is a cyr wheel artist and a Christian who uses her cyr wheel artistry as a devotional practice. Ariel is also a medical doctor and is doing her PhD.  Her aim is to become a palliative care physician and an academic theologian.
  • Capability Circus is a part of AfreakA Aerials’ creative theatre and aerial school, dedicated to making aerial circus accessible to everyone. We believe in the power of taking to the air, regardless of ability – proving that the sky is not the limit!
  • Linden Dance is based in the West Midlands. Linden Dance champions diverse perspectives, backgrounds and creative voices. Directors Sara Macqueen and Christopher Radford draw on their different cultural identities to inform their work.  Linden Dance will perform a duet, UNBOXED; a physically emotive, athletic, and explosive dance work drawing on Afro-fusion and Contemporary dance.
  • MCDC Dance Company is an international dance company collaborating worldwide with a collective of driven, creative, like-minded artists from different backgrounds. MDCD’s mission is to challenge creativity; explore diversity of urban and contemporary styles and broaden audience experience within dance.
  • Messy Jam Dance School – Messy Jam is community based dance school that was formed in Barton, in September 2006 with just six dancers. Since then, the school has grown enormously in size, talent and enthusiasm.
  • Nomad Crew is a community of dancers, who share a passion for breaking and street dance. It celebrates diversity, supporting people of all backgrounds and demonstrates dancers at various levels.
  • Step 2 Dance – is an Oxfordshire based dance school offering a large range of classes specialising in street dance. Ste 2 Dance caters for dancers of all ages and abilities.
  • TPD Young Artists – TPD Young Artists is the youth company of Thomas Page Dances, a contemporary dance company based in Oxford. TPD works with three main strands; ‘Creation and Performance’, ‘Youth and Community Education’, and ‘Professional Engagement and Exchange.’
  • Vanhulle Dance Theatre is based in the Fenlands, UK. Led by Co-Directors Laura Vanhulle and Oliver Robert Russell, the company creates highly physical and athletic performances. Vanhulle Dance Theatre will perform its show OLIVE BRANCH – a dynamic, feel-good, funny, and family friendly dance duet that intertwines contemporary dance with martial arts. OLIVE BRANCH is a story of rediscovering the wonder and beauty of nature.
  • Zumba Fiesta with George Martini and other Zumba teachers. George Martini is one of Oxford’s most popular Zumba teachers, and teaches regular classes across Oxfordshire. Classes can be found on ZUMBA.COM

 For further information, contact Claire Thompson, Arts Development Officer:  CTHOMPSON@oxford.gov.uk

For press, please contact Catherine.Flutsch@quaere.org.uk

June 4, 2024