Dancin' Spaces

Bonn Square
Saturday, February 27, 2016 - 12:00pm

See the city centre come alive to the sound of music and dance with a striking series of short performances that will make you laugh, smile and hopefully want to dance. Expect the unexpected!

Regional and national dance companies featured in the line up include: Hawk Dance Theatre, infuse DANCE, Granny Turismo, Company Chameleon, Ajos Dance and Sole Rebel Tap. Also, catch Lunas Dance Project at the Story Museum & Waterstone's Cafe.

For a sneak preview of one of the companies: infuse Dance

Granny Turismo:- Meet the World’s – and only! – Shopping Trolley Dance Display Team. The ladies from Granny Turismo have been delighting audiences since 2009 and are now one of the most talked about acts around. Part walkabout, part circle show and wholly engaging. The show has massive universal appeal. When these girls arrive on their supped-up shopping trolleys, everyone takes notice! ‘It’s one of the great acts. You were a total hit – as funny and outrageous as anything we’ve had in all my years’ (Stewart Collins, Director Henley Festival)

Infuse Dance:- 'Bodyguards - Protect and Serve' is a roaming interactive Street Theatre / Dance performance which can be adapted to fit virtually any space required. Our team of highly trained dancing bodyguards will secure the area and humorously protect VIP members of the public as they go about their business, escorting them as they travel between shops, guarding them in lifts, helping with bags, protecting on escalators...no-one need fear...the bodyguards are here.

Sole Rebel Tap:- Spatterdash is a smart sophisticated trio of tap dancers, in a full-to-the-brim ten-minute show. Using slick ultra-technical tap to amaze audiences, explore rhythm, intricate musicality and celebrate tap with our usual charismatic performance and humour. In top hats and tails, spats and fishnets, Spatterdash will embrace the jazz tap era, but reaffirm it solidly in the now, using swing standards and contemporary electro swing beats. Our faces splashed in bold strokes of colour, Spatterdash will bring fresh contemporary tap to the streets of Oxford, of a refreshingly high standard.

Company Chameleon:- Hands Down is a bold and dynamic contemporary male duet exploring how, as we walk the tightrope of togetherness, many faces combine to achieve a semblance of union- complicity, duplicity, letting go and holding tight. With the distinct Chameleon movement signature, this powerful contact-based duet looks at how we display our strength and manage vulnerability. “explosive economy and a breathtaking power and conviction” (Donald Hutera, The Times)

Ajos Dance:- High energy and striking street and break dance performance performed by hugely talented young dancers from across the city.

Hawk Dance Theatre:- We May Play is a theatrical, humorous and interactive dance work that immerses, interacts and captivates audiences into playing games with the live performers to influence and determine the choreography. This playful, dynamic and high energy piece of dance theatre promises to bring unique and memorable experiences to a range of audiences in the street festival setting.

White Horse Dance Company:- A dynamic and acrobatic contemporary dance piece.

Lunas Dance Project:- Dance & poetry performances based on the title of Marta Arlandi’s collection of poems: Itaca. Lunas’ style is contemporary, with creative fluid lines and movements. Catch them at Waterstone’s café on Friday 26 February & Thursday 3 March (at 3pm & 3.30pm), and at the Story Museum on Saturday 27 February & Sunday 6 March (between 1-2pm)

Dancin' Oxford gratefully acknowledges the support of New Road Baptist Church, Bonn Square.

Family Friendly
Free Event
Bonn Square
Bonn Square, Oxford, OX1