The Sadir Enemble – Sadir

July 17, 2019

Standard: £12 | Pay more: £14 | Pay less: £10


Bharatnatyam is ancient dance form with its origins in the temples of India. It is characterised by abstract dance, which is known for its energy and geometric patterns, and also storytelling, highlighting passages from ancient Indian mythology.

Bharatnatyam, known in ancient times as Sadir, was performed by temple and court dancers through the centuries, but in recent decades, moved over to the realm of the Indian literati, where it evolved into Bharatnatyam as it known and recognised today. However, the temple dancers have left rare and valuable poetry that are beautifully evocative of a past age and culture, turning stories of love, longing and little intrigues into works of art.

In this production, we aim to revive these ancient pieces. In this production, we aim to recreate the drama of temple and court ritual, but also the of lives of temple dancers to bring alive the magic of a bygone era.

Old Fire Station, George St, Oxford

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