Talk About Dance

October 20, 2021 to November 6, 2021
1pm - 4pm both days

£35 per session

Anyone interested in dance

Join The Mill for a unique new course where we will explore Seeta Patel’s Rite of Spring. We’ll learn about aspects of the making of the work and prepare our own questions about it, and how we might experience it as audiences.

Led by independent dance dramaturg Miranda Laurence and choreographer Seeta Patel, this will be a fun, discursive session giving an insight into the creative process of making dance. No specialist dance knowledge is needed. Each session will have some commonalities, but will focus on a different theme so you can attend both or just one.

In the first session we will focus on comparing the spectator’s experience when looking at (visual) art, and when watching dance. We’ll ask what we expect art and dance to communicate through images, and how we make sense of what we see.

In the second session, we will explore the music of Stravinsky and will hear from Seeta about her choreographic approach working with the score. We’ll think about how music might change the way we watch or experience dance.

In both sessions we will consider cultural context, exploring the nuances of experiencing artforms from different or unfamiliar cultures.

The Mill, Spiceball Park, Banbury

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