Still Breathing – Euton Daley’s Unlock the Chains Collective

March 11, 2021 to March 11, 2021


11 Years+

That fear of mistaken identity – Wrong place/wrong time. Born in the wrong skin/colour. Evidently

2020 – a year of turmoil and chaos but one in which people and communities have rallied and come together. Still Breathing voice the fears, frustrations, fatigue and anger as yet another Black life is taken by the system that is there to protect. The project explores a sense of hopelessness, deja vu, resilience and a renewed spirit of hope in the struggles for equality, justice and freedom. A research & development sharing consisting of a film make with members of the community and a play-reading of the spoken word piece that will inspire the future stage production. Followed by a Q&A conversation with the company as audience responses will help shape its future developments.

Unlock the Chains Collective make and produce theatre that explores the Black experience  through the fusion of dance, music, song and spoken word. This project is supported by Oxford Playhouse, The North Wall Arts Centre, Dancin’ Oxford and TORCH and developed in partnership with Mandala Theatre, ACKHI, Mothers 4 Justice and Miss P Foundation. The film is commissioned by Oxford Playhouse & TORCH

The North Wall Arts Centre

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