Sonia Sabri Dance Company – Same Same…but Different

October 5, 2019
1pm & 3pm


5 years+ and their adults

Sonia Sabri Dance Company brings a special performance and participatory workshop for its new family show ‘Same Same…But Different’.  Tickets limited, booking advised.

The show mixes Kathak ance, Hip Hop ance, contemporary dance, with hints of live music and physical storytelling, to create a playful and colourful world.  It explores our curiosities and fears, the times we feel different and when we belong. Inspired by the well-known Anglo-Asian phrase ‘same, same…but different’, meaning “Yes, something kind of similar, but not the exact same thing”, the 3 dancer-musicians conjure a magical atmosphere where they celebrate their individuality, diversity and the bonds which connect us all.

It’s a feel-good celebratory dance experience which starts with an extract from the show which moves into a workshop experience for the children and their parents or carers.  The children should bring a duvet cover with them. Each show/workshop is 1 hour.

The Company would like children to bring their favourite duvet cover (no duvets just the cover!) for the workshop.

Pegasus Theatre, Magdalen Rd, Oxford

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