Sonia Sabri Dance – Same Same…But Different

March 7, 2020

£8, discounts £6, £1 off with Festival Pass

5 years+ accompanying adults

A feel-good family show mixing Kathak, hip hop, contemporary and street dance, with live music and physical storytelling, to create a playful and colourful world exploring curiosities and fears, the times we feel different and when we belong.

Inspired by the well-known Anglo-Asian phrase ‘Same, Same… but Different’, meaning “Yes, something kind of similar, but not the exact same thing”, the three dancer-musicians conjure a magical atmosphere celebrating individuality, diversity and the bonds which connect us all.

There is a 60 minute workshop associated with this show.

Award-winning Sonia Sabri Company is one of the UK’s leading dance and music companies renowned for dazzling, lively performances.

the North Wall, South Parade, Oxford

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