RIPPLES, ECHOES – Tac-au-Tac Youth Dance and guests

April 2, 2022 to April 2, 2022

Standard: £15, Pay more: £17, Pay less: £12

All ages

Part of Life Line, a three-day festival of professional, adult community and youth dance curated by Ceclia Macfarlane and Joëlle Pappas.

“Look out, now! We’re ready to jump!
Because the rhythm is jumpin’, jump session
Doo wadda doodoo wadda doodoo wat doo wah” ― Slim & Slam

Tac-au-Tac Youth Dance and Joëlle Pappas present two entertaining programmes of contemporary dance also featuring young dancers from the Royal Ballet School Primary Steps programme, Free Spirits with Gemma Peramiquel and Oxford Youth Dance Company.

Ripples of the past, echoes of the present, dance carries us forward…

Old Fire Station, George St, Oxford

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