February 26, 2023 to February 26, 2023
12 noon


Family friendly

Dancin’ Oxford is thrilled to present its Global Dance Stage on Broad St, Oxford.  Starting from 12 noon, 40 dance acts will perform throughout the day, finishing at around 5pm.  There’s truly something for everyone – from school dance troupes, K-pop dance, belly dancing, salsa and much more!  See the timetable below for the line-up and breakdown of the day.

It’s free – just turn up.

We’d love to see you there!


The Dancin’ Oxford Team


MC INTRO 11.55-11.58am
Strawberry Fayre Majorettes 11.58-12.08pm
Strictly Oxford 12.08-12.14pm
Iole La Sala 12.14-12.22pm
Betty Bloom Performance Squad 12.22-12.37pm
Sanggar Santo Antonio, Dili, Timor Leste 12.38-12.40pm
Attitude Dance School 12.41-12.53pm
Step2 Dance 12.54-1.04pm
LJG Dance Company 1.05-1.08pm
Stagecoach Performing Arts Oxford 1.09-1.24pm
Keena Chobbah 1.25-1.27pm
Elite Dance 1.28-1.43pm
Oxford Breakers 1.44-1.54pm
Body Politic Dance 1.55-2.05pm
MacIntyre Dance 2.06-2.10pm
The Cherwell School 2.11-2.16pm
Nia 2.17-2.27pm
Tac-au-Tac Frisbees 2.28-2.33pm
Tac-au-Tac Youth 2.34-2.39pm
Dancer in the Dark 2.40-2.55pm
Flight Club 2.56-3.04pm
Oxford Youth Dance Company 3.05-3.10pm
Chloe Kitching 3.11-3.15pm
The Dark Horses 3.16-3.20pm
Cherie Bellydancer 3.21-3.26pm
TPD Young Artists 3.27-3.34pm
Two Rivers Bellydance Troupe 3.35-3.40pm
Dancemania 3.41-3.44pm
South Oxford School of Dance – Junior Contemporary Dance Gp 3.45-3.49pm
South Oxford School of Dance – Senior Contemporary Dance Gp 3.50-3.54pm
oKay Kpop Dance 3.55-4.05pm
O.T.C.A. 4.06-4.16pm
South Oxford School of Dance (1) 4.17-4.18pm
South Oxford School of Dance (2) 4.19-4.20pm
South Oxford School of Dance (3) 4.21-4.22pm
South Oxford School of Dance (4) 4.23-4.25pm
Mini Professionals Dance Academy 4.26-4.41pm
Desert Diamonds 4.42-4.47pm
Dancemania Junior Performance Group 4.48-4.50pm
Dancemania Senior B Performance Group 4.51-4.54pm
Dancemania Senior A performance Group 4.55-4.58pm
Dancing Shadows 4.59-5.09pm
MC CLOSE 5.09-5.10pm

Broad Street, Oxford.

Photo: oKay K-pop