Gaia Global Dance Film – Summer 2021

July 7, 2021 to September 30, 2021


All Ages

Solo dancers and dance groups were invited to make a film of a dance performance based on the theme of Gaia, Mother Earth, and aspirations of hope and renewal. Dancers from all of Oxford’s twin cities joined this digital celebration of dance; Bonn, Grenoble, Leiden, Padua, Wroclaw, Perm, León, and Ramallah. The eighteen companies that submitted films all danced to Think Aloud by Benjamin McAvoy (De Wolfe Ltd). The result was premiered on 7 July 2021.
All theOxford films are featured on our You Tube Channel here.

The Project is in partnership with Dancin’ Oxford, Oxford City Council’s International Links, Oxford Festival of the Arts, Mandala Theatre andAshtar Theatre ’s International Digital and Live Festival ‘ARTIVISM’.