First Look

January 17, 2020

Pay What you Think

11 years +

First Look is a preview of Moving With The Times, at the theatre in February, from the three companies commissioned by Dancin’ Oxford and Pegasus.

Burning House is a high physical contemporary dance piece that explores human mortality from Amy Foskett Dance. Our bodies and our planet. Ignorance is bliss and we are blissfully ignoring it. Disregarding death and highlighting dangerous ‘immortality’

In a time of tick boxes, labels and separation Thomas Page DancesCommonality looks at the parts of life that everyone has in common. Through the exploration of shared experiences and feelings this performances paints the possibilities of coming together as one community. Featuring contemporary dance, a unique score, live photography and lots of tape!

Drishti Dance, is a well established performing arts organization producing high quality classical Indian dance works. Choreographed by Anuradha Chaturvedi, the Artistic Director, the work will be a contemporary expression of Kathak dance tradition, in all its exquisite grace and composure, creating a dynamic fusion of movement and rhythm set to the music of Shammi Pithia.

c. Thomas Page Dances Jazzula Donoghue Photography.

Pegasus, Magdalen Rd, Oxford

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