Alexander Whitley Dance Company – Anti-Body

October 26, 2021 to October 26, 2021

From £10

12 yrs+

Sadler’s Wells New Wave Associate Alexander Whitley has rapidly established a reputation for creating highly ambitious and intellectually engaged work with innovation and digital technology at its core.

Anti-Body explores the biological form of the human body and the technological drive to transcend it.

Three performers, isolated yet connected digitally in an interactive space; explore tensions between mind and body, containment and connection, and the desire to be unique as well as part of something larger than ourselves. Motion responsive visuals created by Uncharted Limbo Collective.

Emmy-nominated composer Hannah Peel and music producer Kincaid, create the soundtrack to this captivating new performance.

NB there are associated events during the Festival.  See Digital Body: Ascent & Anti-Body

Presented in Partnership with IF Oxford Scicence & Ideas Festival

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Oxford Playhuse is excited to be welcoming its audiences back. It wishes to reassure you that it has implemented all the necessary measures to ensure its is a COVID-19 secure venue and operate within the government guidelines.

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